Custom of dogkid
"There's muffins in the closet if you want some."
Some attributes
First Kind- penguin (Spheniscidae)
Second partner- Ty (or Mr. Swaggart)
Third Gender- female
Other attributes
Fourth Romance interest- unknown
Fifth Age- 16
Sixth Pet- Tropix

Gracie is an EPF agent and a famous ninja. She is very good with the katana.

Early lifeEdit

Dogkid grew ashore Club Penguin island. When she was 10, her parents abandon her inside a closet being shipped to  London. Gracie met Jet Pack Guy at the age of 13, where they went to Middle School together. Jet Pack Guy became friends;good friends.

Present LifeEdit

When Gracie turned 16, she relized that Jet Pack Guy was moving to Club Penguin Island to start his new job as a PSA agent.Gracie wanted to be a PSA agent too. So she moved to Club Penguin Island. Later on at the age of 17, the PSA was detroyed, and Gracie was forced to be a EPF agent. She had to discar her PSA phone,and get an Iphone. During life on Club Penguin Island, she wasted money, joined "bring back PSA" mobs, and hanged out with Jet Pack Guy. Gracie soon started to hang out with other people. She met fellow penguins such as Dot,Ty,Timplebolt,Gary,Rookie,PH, and more. She has gotten used to the EPF.


Relation with TyEdit

They are EPF partners. Even though Ty sometimes annoys Gracie, they seem to be close friends.

Relation with DotEdit

They are good friends. They often call each other "sister".