Hi! I know you guys are having fun on this wiki but you know that there are some rules. We wanna have fun, but be safe. Here are some really important rules that you have to know before you do something wrong.

Main rulesEdit

1) No swearing, bullying, ect, except for a few mild words.

2) Be nice to others, try to get along.

3) Don't use too many caps. It is considered as spam.

4) No spamming.

5) You cannot leave messages on the founder or an admin's page begging for them to make you an admin or give you a shoutout or something.

6) You must be at least 13+ to be on this wiki. If you are not, don't give out your age.

Chat rulesEdit

1) Like before, no spamming.

2) No role playing in the main chat.

3) Strong swearing and bullying can get you kicked or ever banned.

4) If you enter the chat, but not actually chat on it for more than 15 minutes, you will be kicked.

5) Be polite.

We hope you follow our rules and respect others. It's really important so that we can stay a happy wiki. If you need any help or are confused with anything, please be sure to contact me (User:Medelina ) or any admin for help. Rock on!